Police continue to make arrests at Ferguson protest.

Part 4.

the last one about daniel is so true and so funny 

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…You do realize that a lot of people on assistance don’t actually pay for their own phones or phone plans, right?Like, I’m not even talking about the Lifeline program, here. I mean they’re on someone else’s family plan, or they were given a gift, or they have a phone issued to them through work (as I did, back when I made slightly less than $11/hr as a foster care caseworker).You don’t know someone’s story just by looking at their possessions.

My family donated an old, used iPhone they no longer needed to me and I’m able to use free wi-fi on it in different locations and suburbs as long as I keep it charged. I don’t have to pay for a subscription or call plan as I can always purchase cheap, pre-paid credit whenever I need to or in case of emergencies. My iPhone has helped me stay in touch with my family members, partner, doctors and be able to get around and tell the weather (which is very important here because of all the extreme heatwaves and flash floods). 
It would also help me call the police or emergency services in case I get raped or have a medical emergency (I’m chronically ill). 
People on welfare could benefit greatly from having iPhones and, in fact, need iPhones as well as the options and features they offer (which aren’t available on normal brick cell phones) much more than your average, able-bodied, well adjusted person who is able to have or keep a job. 
Welfare recipients deserve nice things. Welfare recipients aren’t subhuman. Welfare recipients benefit from having access to 21st century technology and don’t simply purchase iPhones to be frivolous or showy, but rather because of the conveniences and important and beneficial features they have. 
If you think welfare recipients don’t deserve to eat or live because they have an iPhone or a car or any other material thing that makes our lives more tolerable, convenient and liveable then you’re the worse piece of shit and your opinion is as useful as toilet paper. Take your shitty opinion, turn it up sideways and, well… you know the rest. 

I mean, granted, I’m an Android person, but back when I was on assistance I had a smartphone. I used it to remind myself of client appointments. When I couldn’t leech wifi, I tethered it so I could get my case notes submitted to my supervisor.My phone helped me keep my job, AND it helped me apply for something full time. It directly helped me in getting off assistance. IDGAF what people think - poor people deserve smartphones, and poor people use smartphones to enhance their quality of life. Fuck people who think that’s a bad thing.